Benvinguts / Bienvenidos / Welcome to ECITE IBIZA

We’re happy to report that this years’ ECITE if completely sold-out.

For any last minute question please call Daniel Hayes at: +34-664028554

Dear Contacters,

Our young and ever growing Contact Community is honoured and joyed to welcome you to this years’ ECITE which, for the first time ever, will be held in Spain. Since the late 90’s we have been creating a diverse web of places and people who investigate, perform, explore, study, teach and live our form in all its intricate depth and beauty. We now feel ready and excited to share this with the rest of our global community.

Teachers from different countries, varying generations and diverging viewpoints, converge in the same space.
The simple gesture of two bodies in a dynamic equilibrium, from here the limbs of our dance spring.
Feeding our communal and individual curiosity as streams in movement, the further we flow the more important the search for its essence.
In celebration of our commitment to this practice we will navigate these waters asking questions, exchanging experiences and shifting our focus continuously.

Inspiring and spiraling yours,
The ECITE Ibiza Team



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