Application & Registration

If you are interested to join us to exchange, explore and dance please send us an application. We will evaluate them, as they come, in according to a number of criteria.

  • Pro-active contribution to the CI form and community.
  • Inquisitiveness and interest in researching and evolving the form
  • The geographical focus of your activities, where by we prioritize those people people contributing to the practice in Europe and especially those promoting the form in Spain.

To apply please fill in the application form below and send it back to:

Application Form ECITE 2011 Ibiza

Due to the limited size of the venue and our interest to keep the groups small we are only inviting 100 individuals. The popularity of the location is such that we are anticipating many more applications than spaces available. Applying early will increase the likelihood of being invited.

In case you have questions about the application process feel free to write us at:
for general inquiries please use:

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